Updated routes around Scotland


Network is working with local authorities and numerous other partners to bring all sections of the Network up to standard. The following information summarises our current progress on developing the Network.

Under each route heading, the first section explains changes to the routes since the most recent map of that route was published, while ‘Other Developments’ gives information on recent works.

Edinburgh to Aberdeen (Coast and Castles North)

Cyclists can use the following facilities, which include toilets and showers – or just a wee break from cycling. Could be useful for day trips or for long distance tourers!

All traffic-free paths are (as the name implies) for non-motorised users only. If you see motor bikes, quad bikes, segways or any other form of motorised vehicle on our paths (apart from mobility scooters), please report to the police.

 Aberdeen to Shetland

Other developments: A track has been upgraded along the River Don through Riverside Park in Dyce – a very pleasant route with some good bird watching. This links into National Route 1 just north of Dyce and currently ends on Riverside Drive, near the Travel Inn and BP offices. Long term plans are for this route to continue alongside the river to Seaton Park.